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Plug & Play Wireless Sensors


LoRaWAN sensors taken to a new level.


Like other DINGO hardware  the WISKA sensors are modular.
You tell us what you want to sense. 
We assemble the physical sensors needed within the same box.

Multiple external and/or Internal physical sensors in the box:

1 to 9 Temperatures, Humidity, VOC, TVOC, CO2, Particles, Light, Motion, Noise, Acceleration, Pressure, Analog Input, Digital Input, Digital Output, Pulse Count, Ultrasonic Distance, Relay Status  and Water Leak

Up to 10 years battery life or mains powered.

100% auto-configuration with DINGO-Stack.


Secure - Exterrior - All-Weather - Lora

for installing your sensor in the harshest environment.

WISKA-sensors are provided in two type of boxes:

  1. Indoor use. Choose from 3 different colors: White, Grey or Black.

  2. Outdoor use (SEAL).The SEAL-boxing is a very robust IP67 and ​fully watertight.
    SEAL-boxing should be preferred for any outdoor use cases.

  • Intelligent integration with DINGO-Stack (DS)
    When the sensor joins the LoRaWAN network it tells DS what internal sensors it has allowing DS to auto-configure different variants of WISKA-sensors from one template only.

  • Configurable from DINGO-Stack (DS)
    You don't need to struggle configuring the sensor via a USB port or NFC as with competitors.
    WISKA sensors can be configured from DINGO-Stack  Over the Air with down-links.
    Simplifies initial configuration of multiple sensors. Can even be done after installation.

  • Not only LoRaWAN
    WISKA sensors are designed so that both past and future communication modules can replace the LoRaWAN module. 
    We already have a wired Modbus variant and Google Thread enabled WISKAs are coming in 2022.

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