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New Website Launched

Iceland, 1st October 2021
Today Go-IoT launched its new website.
This new website is intended to focus more business-wise on the DINGO-solution while keeping technical things on our site.

This new website better explains our products and services in simple videos and short text. It gives faster understanding of what the DINGO-solution is and how it is built without going too far into technical details.

This new website also better integrates with our distributor website at Innovelec.

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Iceland, 30th September 2021

Go-IoT will launch it's family of WISKA wireless, long-life battery driven sensors in November this year.
This first edition of the WISKA sensors are LoRaWAN based. But the sensors are designed so that both past and future communication modules can replace the LoRaWAN module.

The sensors will be available in two type of boxing; for indoor use and out door use (SEAL).

For further information refer to our WISKA page.

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LoRaWAN to BACnet

Iceland & UK, 4th March 2021
Today Go-IoT launched its LoRaWAN solution, by virtualizing LoRaWAN®
devices as BACnet® devices in the BMS.
Greatly simplify integrating LoRaWAN® devices into the BMS without configuration or programming.


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