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The Online Configuration Utility


DINGO Manager (DM) is a web based utility to manage DINGOs from a browser. DM is hosted by us. The only thing you need is a login and a web-browser.
DM is hosted centrally rather than as a web-site on each DINGO. This makes maintenance much simpler. Secondly it takes the burden of the DINGO hardware, to serve as a web server.
With DM maintaining multiple DINGOs is a breeze, regardless of location.

It is used to configure Device-Templates, Peripherals, BACnet, Reports, Security, Network,  and NTP, MQTT, APPs, etc.
In addition it gives you graphical health reports, as well as diagnostic information.

Last but not least it can be used as a BACnet/WS client.

Configuration uses simple drag&drop, etc.


Configuration features include:

  • Remote access to DINGOs

  • Geographical access from world-map

  • Device rebooting

  • DINGO-box health reports (memory, CPU-usage, Network, etc.)

  • Network configuration (include modem, hot-sport etc.)

  • Peripheral and product configuration

  • APP-manager

  • BACnet management

  • BACnet Trend-Log Maker

  • Logs and diagnostics

  • Security & Authentication

  • Services.

  • Online Reports

  • LoRaWAN Integration

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